When the name Trapper Teacher came to mind, I immediately had a flashback to the summer before third grade and heading to K-Mart with my Mom to buy school supplies.  I begged and pleaded with my mother to buy me an actual Trapper Keeper. "No, you don't need all that," she said.  I sighed and begrudgingly replied, "Okay, Mom." I know I'm not the only one this happened to. Right?  Ironically enough, the same K-Mart that my mother denied my Trapper Keeper request is the same K-Mart where I bought my first CD, Jay-Z's Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life.

          I am a school teacher in an alternative education school with an immense love for music (mostly rap and hip hop) and education.  Trapper Teacher seemed like the most beneficial way to let friends, students, and colleagues experience what I am listening to and what I am teaching or reading at any given time.

Music + Education = Trapper Teacher